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Today, nearly everything can be stored digitally. From basic pictures to money and university diplomas. That’s why nowadays data storage and its safety is more important than ever. How can we ensure that the devices we are using provide us that safety and security? Well, there are many ways to store data, but a photo stick is a timeless tool to do it. Storing your files and keeping it close to you is easy with FlashGBS – a dual-port photo stick with plenty of space for your data to be transferred from a computer or your smartphone. With FlashGBS, you’ll experience fast transfers without worrying about losing your important pictures and files.

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What makes FlashGBS so special?

One of the most essential and unique features of this photo stick is the dual-port of USB and USB-C. This feature enables you not to be dependent only on your laptop but also be able to transfer data from your phone without juggling your files between devices. What’s more, it’s super easy to use this device. Simply insert it into the laptop, PC, or smartphone, and you’re good to go. It won’t take long; hence you’ll be able to take it anywhere you go and transfer files in a couple of minutes only. Finally, FlashGBS has a friendly price tag and free shipping!

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How to purchase FlashGBS?

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